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Helping someone overcome a fear of flying on Chelmsford Radio

In October 2010 I was invited to Chelmsford Radio to help one of their Staff overcome a fear of flying

You can right click and save as this link Edits from Drive Time Program on Radio Chelmsford where Hypnotherapist Jon Hinchliffe helps someone overcome their fear of flying.

I think this peice is quite nice because it shows Nicki’s reactions. She is not magically “cured”. She is back in a position where she can enjoy the experience again.

It is natural to have anxieties when you first face something that was a phobia. It is the experience of going through something that you thought impossible which really brings home the changes you have made.

Nicki made it to Australia and had a really good time.

If you holiday choices are limited by a problems with flying or you have any other fears you want to overcome call Jon Hinchliffe on 0800 612 6536.

Fear and excitement are close feelings and you Jon can easily help you turn one into the other.

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