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Top reasons for being overweight

When people come to me for Weight Loss help I often ask them what the benefits of being their weight is. The standard reply is there are no benefits for being overweight. If this was really the case there would be no one that was overweight. So what reasons are being overlooked?
• If you look at the diets of 17st people and the diets of 12st people the food intake of the 17st people will be more. Therefore a benefit of being overweight is you can eat more. Eating is a pleasure. It is genetically engineered by evolution to be a pleasure. We need to eat to survive. We needed to store foods as fat for times, in the past, when we would have experienced famines. With modern society this is no longer a requirement for most of us but it is still the way our bodies are wired. As I thought how to write this point I had pictures of people saying “I only have to look at cake and I put weight on”. I understand that some people have slower metabolisms than others. I have a good friend that can seem to eat all he wants and yet he remains thin. There will be special reasons for this. People with slow metabolisms often have them because they have been on diets. Their bodies thought they were in a famine so they slowed things down to survive and the metabolism has never been reset to the more active state.
• Similar to the first point you can’t drink as much. Either fizzy drinks or Alcohol.
• Being overweight is often associated with being a fun bubbly personality. This perception is often in the eyes of others so when you slim down people start reacting to you differently. Perhaps because you aren’t able to eat or drink as much and you aren’t seen as you were. You are normally comfortable being you even if it has some side effects but side effects are not as strong as your desire to consume short term.
• The benefits of consuming food and drink are short term. The problems they cause are long term therefore you are able to enjoy the instant gratification now. Only when that buzz is gone do you feel guilty but you can override that feeling by more food. It is fascinating watching “Supersize vs. Superskinny” and seeing how this cycle continues with some people until they are so big the physical health issues then become a short or medium term problem and then they are so far down the path they are not sure how to stop the cycle.
• Often you are the size your partner is comfortable with. Men don’t necessarily want super-attractive partners because they might worry they will leave them for someone “better”. If your partner enjoys food you often want to enjoy food with them. Again humans a genetically engineered to be social and in social situations we tend to eat more or eat less depending on the situation.
• Sex drive comes into the weight equation. Not everyone wants to have sex. If you are overweight you often feel less attractive and therefore you might shy away from sexual situations and avoid having sex.
• In a related point overweight people that slim down to a typical size often don’t like the change of attitude of opposite sex. Woman might slowly start to feel invisible because men are talking to their breasts and not their faces. This can feel uncomfortable.
• When we are looking for a partner we often feel we have to compete with others on shape and size. We therefore hope we are beautiful or handsome and we often try to enhance how we look. Which group is likely to spend more time considering their looks and beauty the 12st group or the 17st group? I suspect most people going for cosmetic surgery will be on the thinner end of the spectrum. Therefore being overweight is a possible means of avoiding those issues.
• As you increase your weight it is more and more tiring to do things. So a 17st person will almost certainly be less active than a 12st person (unless they are something like a rugby player or weight trainer and the extra weight is muscle and not fat). As weight increases you can do less and less and therefore you do less. Less is expected off you and others start to support you weight either directly (getting your shopping for you) or indirectly (by allowing you not to play with the children because you get too tired). Therefore it could be argued that being overweight allows you to avoid doing things you don’t want.
The good thing about these points is while they can be common factors none of them is something that will prevent someone becoming a happy fit healthy individual with the right help.
If you are overweight and don’t wish to be please get in touch with me, Jon Hinchliffe on 01857 600708 and let’s discuss how you can enjoy food, enjoy life and have none of the side effects of being overweight.

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Silver Weight Loss Package

The Silver Weight loss package is for you if you know you want the security of a block of 3 sessions so that you can learn as much as you can and make a good start on your weight loss.

With this package you pay for 3 sessions after the first session. Because you are committing to three sessions you make a saving of 20% on the price of the Bronze Weight loss package. So instead of paying £150 you pay just £120.

Book your session now by calling 01857 600708 and discover how easy you can become a healthier person.

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The Gold Weight Loss Package

With this package you are very serious about becoming a new fitter healthier you. You are committed to a long term 5 session plan which will help you achieve you goal and this time keep the weight off.

After the first session you pay £185 which is a saving of 26% on the price of the The Bronze Weight Loss Package.

As an added bonus you also get a free 1hour photo shot with Peter Evan Photography and 1 free photo worth £40.

Book your session now by calling 01857 600708 and discover how easy you can become a healthier person.

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Bronze Weight Loss Package

Sometimes you just want to try out hypnosis and see what it is all about.
Perhaps you just want to book a session at a time.

The Bronze Weight Loss package therefore meets your needs. With this your pay £50 a session.

Each session is about 2hours long and will usually take the format of a chat and then some hypnosis to cement in the points discussed during the session.

One session might well help some people. For others they might find the need the extra sessions. It might therefore be worth considering the Silver Weight Loss package and Gold Weight Loss package before deciding.

Book your session now by calling 01857 600708 and discover how easy you can become a healthier person.

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Weight Loss: The Easy way

Do you want to lose weight?
Do you find diets don’t seem to work?
Does something inside you just seem to fight the changes you keep making?

What you need is a new way of looking at things and a new approach.

The first thing to know is weight gain is not your fault. Years of evolution during times when foods were scarce mean you are more likely to have ancestors that were good at eating lots of food when they found it. They ate so much it was stored as fat and then when times were difficult the fat was converted back to energy. You will also be tempted by lots of types of food as they help keep your diet in balance.

Most people also believe they eat when they are hungry and stop when they are full. Research shows this to be incorrect. Some people have brain damage and therefore don’t remember they just just eatten a meal 15 minutes ago. If you offer them a meal what happens? They will eat it. They don’t remember eating the meal and their body is not telling them they are full. What happens with a third meal? They will probably eat it. At some point they will notice their stomach “seems too small” but they won’t realise they are full because they won’t remember having eaten.

The current thinking on how are bodies deal with food is that we are like a leaking water barrel with a supply of water going in at the top and some water leading out through a split in the side. The water level inside the barrel is fixed as long as the water going in matches the water going out. If more water enters at the top then the presure of the water in the leak increases a bit and causes more water to come out but not as much as the water going in. So the water in the barrel starts to rise. Eventually a balance point is reached at a new higher level. If they water going in is then reduced the water presure is still high so water continues to leak out and the water level starts to drop. This happens quickly at the start but as the level of water going in and coming out starts to balance so the level of water dropping slows.

This last situation is the typical dieting senario. You reduce the amount you eat and lose a lot of weight. You gradually find it harder and harder to loose weight and you maintain it for a little while. Then you start to relax and increase your food a little and up goes your weight again.

The trick is to make changes in your food intake that you are happy with for life. If you want to stop eating chocolate I can help you. A better choice is that you can eat chocolate if you want to but you are not interested in doing so or you do and you find 3 pieces of chocolate more than enough.

If you want to lose weight and keep the weight off you need to feel comfortable at the size you plan to be (some people find the reaction of other people around them causes them not to like the new body size). You also need to be comfortable with the amount of food you are eating and the amount of energy you are burning.

Did you know exercise whilst being good for you tends not to help weight loss? Most people tend to end up having more soft drinks and food as a result of the exercise and therefore the energy lost overall tends not to be a great deal.

With Jon Hinchliffe Hypnotherapy it is recommended you several sessions of hypnosis and counselling. For this reason we have created 3 packages for you.

The details of each package are on the following pages:

The Bronze Weight Loss Package
The Silver Weight Loss Package
The Gold Weight Loss Package

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