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Can Hypnotherapy really reduce pain?

Hypnotherapy taps into the natural resources that each of us have. Are you aware of what your feet are currently feeling? The chances are you were not but you are now. Your awareness was focussed elsewhere. There was little change in the feelings felt by your foot so you didn’t notice it. Have you ever worn a watch or ring for a long time and then removed it? You then become aware of its absence and how much you interact with the item.
Have you ever had pins and needles in your hand or had your hands get so cold you could barely feel them?
These are all resources that can be used to help reduce pain.
Have you ever noticed how waiting 10mins goes quick when you are having fun but when you are cold in and the rain it can seem to take forever? This is another phenomena that can be used to reduce the sense of pain.
Pain is a signal for us to look after our bodies, however when everything that could or should be done has been done then the purpose of pain is removed and therefore the pain can go too.

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