Uses Of Hypnotherapy

What is hypnotherapy good for?

The limits to hypnotherapy are the limits of your mind. Someone, let’s call him Felix, might come to me with a goal to become prime minister and at 60 years old with no political experience this might be considered an unrealistic challenge. In a therapeutic session we could establish what the goal behind Felix becoming prime minister is and what it would give him if he got the job. We could work on achieving this objective and, who knows, if Felix has the right attitude and creates the right amount of luck he could still end up in a high powered political position.

In a book about Kay Thompson, who was a student of Milton Erickson and a master of language, it was reported that two of her dental students had been working on a girlfriend and accidentally exposed a tooth nerve. The students called in Kay and she told the patient with total conviction that “she could deposit secondary dentin around the opening into that nerve and she could keep the nerve from being infected. I know you can do this!”. Six weeks later an x-ray showed calcification had taken place over the exposed root. A fact that Kay didn’t actually believe was possible but Kay’s belief in the girlfriend convinced the girlfriend it was possible and that belief brought about the amazing changes.

On my training course I saw videos of Stephen Brooks working with an Aids client. He wanted to double his T-cell count. Stephen didn’t know if it was possible but worked with conviction that it was and 30 days later the T-cell count had doubled. The client was so impressed he started using hypnosis to help other Aids suffers in the same way.

Listing what hypnosis can and cannot do is a bit limiting but here are some ideas. If in doubt give me a call.

• Building Confidence / Increasing Self Esteem

• Improving Sports/Artistic Performance

• Removing unwanted habits and compulsions (eg. nail biting, stuttering, thumb sucking)

• Weight loss and management

• Anger management

• Dyslexia – Improving your ability to spell.

• Eating Disorders

• Phobia treatments (eg. flying, spiders, heights, exams, claustrophobia)

• Overcoming Insomnia/Waking up refreshed

• Speeding up healing.

• Irritable Bowl Syndrome

• Reducing pain

• Reducing stress, anxiety and emotional problems

• Controlling addictions: Stopping Smoking, alcohol and drug use.

• Overcoming trauma

• Improving Relationships

• Achieving your maximum

• Bedwetting

• Hair pulling

Every person I work with in a session becomes the most important person in the world to me during that time. The tools of hypnotherapy will improve most areas of a persons life and while there is no need to mention particular areas of interest I do have a particular interest in helping people with:

• Attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD)

• Myalgic Encephalitis (ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

• Issues of gender

I am not a doctor and as such I am unable to work with some psychotic illnesses and Patients with multiple personality disorders.