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Dyslexia – How this hypnotherapist ticks

One of my all time favourite bands is Black Sabbath so when the former lead singer Ozzy Osbourne wrote his autobiography “I am Ozzy” it was a must have book for me.

Since it is approaching Christmas I have decided to take a break from reading Hypnosis books and I am therefore reading Ozzy’s book.

The hypnotherapist in me is clearly still very much at work however. I have just read the following:

“The only good thing about having dyslexia is that dyslexics are usually very creative people, or so I have been told. We think in unusual ways. But it is a very bad stigma to have, not being able to read like normal people can. To this day I wish I’d had a proper education. I think books are great, I do. To be able to lose yourself Read the rest of this entry »

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