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Stop Smoking using your unconscious mind

Without physically doing this, think about the following: When you cross your arms which hand is on top? Many people don’t know the answer to this.

Now do it and see.

Now cross your arms the other way. How does it feel? Could you do that accidentally? Read the rest of this entry »

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Why do people start smoking after successfully giving up?

There is no single answer to this question.

Common reasons I have been given are:

  • Stress
  • I thought I could just have one more
  • I missed the weight, the feel of the cigarette, watching the smoke etc

Most people I see find the initial giving up of smoking really easy. This can often be done in 1 session. The key to giving up permanently is the addressing  the kind of issues mentioned above. This is why I always ask my clients what they will miss with the smoking; what they think could cause them to start smoking again. These  are important questions and the more potential failures can be anticipated the more successful the outcome in the long run.

If you are serious about giving up smoking and giving up smoking permanently you might want to consider booking 3 sessions over a period of months to make sure you are adjusting well to being the new non-smoker you will be.

If you have always smoked a cigarette when stressed what are you going to do next time you feel stressed and you are a non-smoker? I can teach you techniques to help reduce your stress. To help you achieve the life you want for yourself. These sessions are the real key to giving up smoking.

I am happy to work with you on a per session basis. Or give you discount on an upfront block booking arrangement. No session of Hypnotherapy is wasted. Once you are aware of its potential there is so many ways you can enjoy helping yourself.

Please call me today and I will be more than happy to discuss this with you.

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The problem of focusing on not wanting something

This is the last of a trilogy of articles inspired by reading Ozzy Osbourne’s “I am Ozzy” book. When having a break from reading my normal hypnosis books I still found myself thinking as a hypnotherapist. The following section from “I am Ozzy” really jumped out at me:

“Rehab can work, but you have got to want it. If you really want to quit, you can’t say ‘Well, I want to quit today, but I might have a drink next week at my friend’s wedding.’ You’ve got to commit, then live each day as it comes. Every morning, you’ve got to wake up and say, ‘OK, today’s gonna be one more day without a drink,’ or a cigarette, or a pill, or a joint, or whatever it is that’s been killing you. That is as much as you can hope for when you’re an addict” Read the rest of this entry »

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