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You can be confident of Success with Jon Hinchliffe Hypnotherapy

When you have a problem it can take a lot to talk to someone about it. Which of these qualities would you want to find in the person you talk to?

  • Someone that is a good listener?
  • Someone that is open and friendly?
  • Someone that has been trained to the highest standards?
  • Someone that can see issues from many different perspectives?
  • Someone that works with you as an individual?
  • That on repeat sessions assumes nothing and works with the new you each time?
  • Someone that can help you through the current issue and leave you better equipped to deal with future issues or better still avoid future issues?
  • Someone that can recharge and inspire you?

I am a hypnotherapist. The principles behind my work can be used with formal trance or in casual conversation. You are encouraged to take away the techniques I share with you and use them to enhance your whole life.

You might view hypnosis as guided meditation or just relaxed listening. All sessions are different and based on your needs and most will end with you knowing more about the special part of you that is your unconscious mind, your intuition or many other terms.

You will change your unconscious mind from something that seems to fight you into something this is your best friend always trying to help you. The changes you will make at an unconscious level will become automatic to you.

We all use our unconscious minds to help us but we don’t all know how to talk to it.

Driving is a good example of where we use our unconscious minds. Can you imagine what driving would be like if you still had to consciously focus on the gear stick, mirrors, steering wheel and foot pedals. When learning we are very conscious about controlling these things. As we learn we move each item into unconscious control and then when driving we can focus on our environment and safety. We no longer think now I must change gear so I need to move my hand and push the clutch in etc.

Not only can you expect a flexible, friendly, open and well trained hypnotherapist, you can also expect someone that personal experience of overcoming disability and pain. I have suffered with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME since 1994. From 1994 until summer 2009 I was a mobility scooter user. The medical world had long since lost interest in me. Now I am a runner again.

Helping people overcome issues is my passion. Please use the Free-Pre-Session button to ask me questions and discuss anything about what I do.

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