Motivation matters when looking for increased profits

I am always talking about perspectives and perceptions with my clients. Today I was at a Refer-on networking meeting in Sudbury and I was given a great example of how a simple change in perceptions can increase profitability. I would therefore like to thank Stephen Walker of Motivation Matters for inspiring this article.

Who do you know that goes to a job and hates it? They accept they have to work in order to get an income and spend all day counting down the hours until they go home. Are they going to feel valued? Are they going to be productive and efficient?

Have you known people or worked for a manager where you know there is a problem in your role and you make a suggestion on how the process can be improved but the manager is uninterested?

It seems some companies have a built-in culture of negativity. Some companies are like a football team playing a defensive game. They know they have to only score a goal to win so they spend all the game defending in their own half and trying to score on a counter-attack. This is highly frustrating for the fans and the players especially when, with just 5 minutes to go, the other team sneaks a goal and they are then forced into playing attacking football which they are no longer skilled at.

How much more rewarding would it be for everyone if the team were defending in their opponents half and creating lots of opportunities to score? How much more likely are they to end up winning?

This is possible with a simple change of attitude.

Instead of the managers focusing inwards all the time, protecting their backs from the potential climbers in the company and the bottom level staff just working for pay, a whole new culture can be created.

Every member of staff can be encouraged to think about their roles and what can be done to improve processes. Managers can listen and actively enter into conversation about suggestions coming forward. They can pro-actively be looking for ways to help their managers. Top level managers can be focusing outside their company on how to improve processes and create more opportunities for profit by focusing on benefits for their customers and finding new ways to connect to their customers of tomorrow.

A simple change of outlook can achieve so much more positivity. I know which sort of company I would expect to survive in a difficult economic climate and I know which company I would like to work for as an employee.

If you can’t motivate yourself on a difficult day how can you expect those around you to be motivated?

Many people looking at the work Stephen Walker and I do, would think we are in totally different areas.  He is looking for large companies to help and I am looking to work with people on an individual basis.  The principles of what we work with however are exactly the same. People who feel good work harder. People who are appreciated feel good. People whose ideas are considered and rewarded with positivity will come up with more ideas. People whose ideas are crushed will be less likely to make suggestions.

I work with people to build them up from the inside whilst Stephen works with factors outside an individual’s control to create a better environment.

If you run a company and want to start playing attacking football please get in touch with Jon Hinchliffe Hypnotherapy or Stephen Walker’s Motivation Matters and let us guide you to increased profits.