Water Phobia

I was at a “Refer On” business breakfast in Sudbury Suffolk, this morning and I was asked “Can you help someone with a fear of water?”
The answer is “Yes”. Pure and simple. There are only two fears we are born with the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises.
This means every other fear is something we have learned through experience. The experiences where we learn a fear are often justified in the context and time in which they were created but like an over sensitive car alarm the problems occur when the fear is applied to situations outside that context. We can learn a fear as a child and that fear is no longer appropriate in an adult context. Consciously the person knows it is an inappropriate response but they don’t know how to over come the problem.
As a Hypnotherapist I help people change the reactions at an unconscious level. This is a relaxing, calm experience. The people I help are always in control of events they are experiencing. This is really important as this is how the reaction changes. While stressing someone out by making them “face their fear” can work some people can never get to that point. And why should people when fears can be changed comfortably and easily?

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