Controlling Your Emotions – Article written for “The Higgler”

Hypnotic Corner by hypnotherapist Jon Hinchliffe
Have you ever felt your emotions control your life? Well here are a few tips to help you to control your emotions.
Would you like to be able to decide what emotion you will experience next? Don’t believe it is possible? Let me show you how.
First of all notice what you are feeling right now. Now think of the happiest memory you have. Think about what was happening in as much detail as you can. Now notice how this makes you feel. How much happier are you feeling now?
Now think of a really embarrassing moment. Does your stomach sink at the thought of it? Unless you are over the embarrassment I suspect your mood has changed again and this time it is not as pleasant.
Hopefully you have just experienced two emotions and you yourself have created them. You now know how to create those feelings again and you can do this completely at your will.
Creating your own emotions is something you can do at any time. If you are really angry with someone, stop for a second and think of a calm relaxing scene where you had plenty of time to think. Perhaps think of a time when you were feeling so lethargic even lifting a finger was just too much effort.
Alternatively imagine being a person that is ice cool.
Identify good thoughts and people you would like to be now. Feel how the thoughts affect you and practice making it happen. If you do this now, next time you are angry you will have these thoughts fresh in your mind and be able to access them quickly.
Another good tip for reducing your emotions is to stop and view the events around you as if they are on TV. What can be seen and what would you think if you were watching these events? Think back to a situation you remember well and consider what it would have looked like on TV. Would watching the scene make you react differently? How does it feel to be in that situation and not feel the emotions you had? What would it feel like if you were a third person watching the scene happening around you?
By experimenting with your emotions you are starting to gain control of them. Have fun with them and why not consider situations where you might want more emotion. Perhaps when giving a presentation.
You have a new tool. The more you use it the better you will become at using it. Let this article be the start of something great for you.