Headaches? – Why not try this method for clearing one?

Published in “The Higgler”
Hypnotic Corner by hypnotherapist Jon Hinchliffe
Headaches? – Why not try this method for clearing one?
If you get a headache occasionally it is easy to just pop a pill. What happens if you don’t have any pills and would like to have a clear head? I have had surprisingly good success at helping people using the following method. If you have a stubborn or prolonged headache please refer it to a doctor and consider if you need to get your eyes tested. Pain is a warning sign so should only be removed if everything that should and could be done has been done.
• In words, describe the size and position of your ache. E.g. Right side, near the front and tennis ball sized.
• Decide what colour your headache is.
• Shut your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths.
• Imagine unzipping your head to remove your brain.
• Imagine taking out the brain and making a slight tear in it like opening an orange juice carton.
• Imagine tipping the brain and watching the coloured liquid of the headache pouring out.
• Now roll up your brain like a toothpaste tube and squeeze out the last few drops.
• See how clear and uniform the colour of your brain is now
• Put your brain back in your head
• Zip it up again
• Open your eyes and now try and feel your headache. Most times your head will be significantly better. Sometimes the headache will have moved a bit. You might be content with the results. Or you might like to try the process again.
If the headache is persistent you could wonder the following “Will I remember to forget the pain of my headache or will I forget to remember it. Will it take me 5 minutes or 10 minutes to notice how much healthier I feel or will I not notice how well I am feeling at all.”