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Bruxism – Teeth Grinding

Do you suffer from Teeth Grinding or Bruxisum?

Bruxism is the powerful, unwanted forceful clenching of the teeth, which can be associated with lateral movement of the jaw.

The number of suffers in Europe and USA is claimed to be at least 20 million. So you are not alone.

It doesn’t matter if your Bruxisum is Diurnal – day time based, or Nocturnal – the night time version, working with Jon Hinchliffe Hypnotherapy you can get to the route of the problem, save your teeth and reduce any jaw pains.

Teeth grinding for many people is not a big problem. However once it has escalated to a diagnosis of Bruxism it can cause the following problems:

  • Dentine, the whiting coating of the teeth can become worn leading to pain
  • Teeth can be chipped
  • Jaw muscles can be come fatigued and painful.
  • The living tissues in the jaw can start to die causing teeth to drop out.
  • Tempero mandibular joint (TMJ) problems may occur. This where the jaw starts to move from side to instead of just up and down.
  • Relationship problems – The noise could be the causing of friction in your relationship.

How Bruxism conventionally treated?

  • Mouthguards – However these can be uncomfortable and fall out.
  • Botox – Is being considered since is weakens the facial muscles. However there are risks with this approach.
  • There are drugs such as Diazepam which can help
  • Biofeedback mechanisms – these detect the clenching and give an audible alarm.
  • Some people benefit from a change of diet switching from hard foods like nuts

All of these solutions don’t address the usual cause of the problem. They are just addressing  the symptoms.

Bruxism is hard to treat conventionally because it is mainly an unconscious process.

However the unconscious mind can be made aware that it is causing a problem for you and this is why Jon Hinchliffe Hypnotherapy can help you.

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